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I know I never imagined that I would be operating a lice treatment center, but having children brings many surprises!

It all started the day I found live bugs in my daughter’s hair. At first, I thought she had picked them up working in our garden. Then I had another awful thought—could it be head lice? I put a few in a baggie and ran to my computer. The pictures confirmed my fear.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I started searching for help online. I found out it wasn’t likely I’d get an easy “cure” at the drugstore, as I had hoped. In fact, lice have built up a resistance to over-the-counter treatment products and these products have dangerous chemicals, too.

I kept digging and there it was—a salon in Minnesota that would take care of the problem for me, in one treatment, with no chemicals or pesticides. They had a machine called the AirAlle’TM and their success rate was 100%. I loaded my children into the car and drove 4 hours, so they could have this treatment. What a relief it was to know we were going to walk out of there lice free! It was amazing.

When I got back home, I started thinking about bringing the AirAlle’TM  (Formerly called the Lousebuster) to southern Wisconsin near the Madison area. I knew I could help people get through this difficult issue, quickly. My kids were very excited about the idea. After all, they had seen the AirAlle’TM in action. My son was so interested in it that he took the machine to his school district science fair.

We have a very comfortable and private salon, located at 600 W. Main Street, in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. It is called “The Bright Side” because if there is a bright side to having lice, it would be the Air Alle’TM treatment option. We offer snacks, drinks and entertainment for the children to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Sun Prairie borders the east side of Madison and is the place we call home. I live here with my husband, Doug, 18 year-old son, Carson, and 15 year-old daughter, Morgan. I would be happy to help you get rid of your lice problem, so you can get back to “The Bright Side” of living with your children.

We are Lice Clinics of America. Let us introduce ourselves.
Lice Clinics of America (LCA) was conceived with one goal in mind: to give parents and caregivers the safest, most complete and effective head-lice treatments available. We treat head lice in a friendly, comfortable environment, by clinicians your kids will love.
Our lice treatment is formulated to kill lice every time, for every person, with just one treatment.

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